Sonntag, 12. April 2015

WATER: Come to the real sources

Without Water

We never know the worth of water
Till the well is dry.
Thomas Fuller – Gnomologia,1732

Location: "Wichenstein" Nature Reserve, Kanton St.Gallen, Switzerland
Wichenstein with its expanse of over 20 hectares is considered a nature reserve of national importance. The large area is situated against the backdrop of an imposing limestone wall with caves.

More videos of this beautiful place will follow

Inspirational Photography © and video edition by me Gina Matt

Music: of dear Biggi Bechtold/Sundresslady (permissioned) 
Titel: Our Beautiful Planet Earth, composed and played on Yamaha CVP509

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WATER - base of Life -At the beginning there was water 

*Rivers flow~Austrian water nature / Water is our gold on earth*