Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

PFAHLBAUTENMUSEUM Unteruhldingen - Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen, Germany

Visit at the Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen
"The visit includes a 45 – 60 minute tour. Our specially trained guides provide detailed information, and answers to the questions one might have during the tour.

Dive into the mysterious world of farmers, fishermen, and brass founders of the Stone Age 6000 years ago, and be a witness to the lifestyle of the Bronze Age 3000 years ago.

The trail leads from the shore across the wooden bridge to the authentically reconstructed Lake Dwellings, where different tasks common to people of the far past are demonstrated and exemplified. Scientifically replicated tools allow a look at the daily life of the lake dwellers.

The beauty of the landscape surrounding the Lake Dwellings, immediately bordering the oldest nature sanctuary of the region, will put you in awe. Spectacular original finds and accompanying exhibits about different subjects can be viewed in the exhibit areas.

Welcome to the Past" (Info: Pfahlbauten.com) 


Photography by Gina Matt

Teil 2 und teil 3 -Videos und Informationen zum Museumsteil / Inneren werden folgen.

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