Dienstag, 15. April 2014

New beginnings after storms of life - sometimes we stand all alone

we feel weak and vulnerable,

maybe disappointed, betrayed, abandoned
......we don't understand
what's going on
or what has happened


hoping for help,
longing to understand,
to be understood,
hoping to get out of the situation


experiencing that we barely have time 
to breathe 

Then surprisingly we meet others, who go or went through a similar
experience. We realize that we are not the only ones, having to cope

with such a situation.


we are getting new insights
and start feeling better

a sigh of relief follows,
new perspectives are opening up
we find new solutions

The sky open's it's gates again

we feel, if a next storm is coming,
we will be stronger

It is often true that everything must collapse, 
to open a much better, new way.

Photographies and videos © by Gina Matt

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