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Natural farmacy - medicinal plants: Lady's Mantle - Alchemilla vulgaris

Lady's Mantle -Alchemilla vulgaris

Common names:
  •     Bear's Foot
  •     Lady's Mantle
  •     Lion's Foot
  •     Nine Hooks
  •     Stellaria

The plant called the lady's mantle is called Alchemilla vulgaris, in botanical circles. The botanical name of the plant is due to a peculiar pseudoscientific reputation the plant has, and the belief that the leaves of the herb are very efficient at collecting dew. Alchemilla, as suggested by the genus name of the plant is a direct reference to the alchemists, these early chemist and magicians believed that dewdrops which gathered on the leaves of the lady's mantle had some magical powers that could really help them in their ultimate quest for the philosopher's stone - a mythical magical stone, believed to be capable of turning base metals like lead to precious gold. Aside from the botanical name, and the allusions to alchemy, the plant also has a common name - lady's mantle given due to the plants very shapely and pleated leaves that look like a lady's cloak in medieval times. Perhaps the cloak was though suitable for the Virgin Mary and the original common name of the herb was - Our-Lady's-mantle in honor of Mary.

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