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Spring's Awakening Delights

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Sorry, that the quotes i added in this video are not easy to read.... 
i add them here for you:

First Quote, which is of Henry David Thoreau, who tried an experiment on the bees:
He was surprised at the distance to which the village bees go for flowers. His experiment put the bees in a whole new light:
The rambler in the most remote woods and pastures little thinks that the bees which are humming so industriously on the rare wild flowers he is plucking for his herbarium, in some out-of-the-way nook, are, like himself, ramblers from the village, perhaps from his own yard, come to get their honey for his hives…I felt the richer for this experience.
*It taught me that even the insects in my path are not loafers, but have their special errands. Not merely and vaguely in this world, but in this hour, each is about its businesss.*

Second Quote:
"Not a single bee has ever sent you an invoice. And that is part of the problem - because most of what comes to us from nature is free, because it is not invoiced, because it is not priced, because it is not traded in markets, we tend to ignore it."

- Pavan Sukhdev, United Nations report, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

More about Pavan Sukhdev at TED Talk:

“It is spring again. 
 The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” 
Rainer Maria Rilke


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