Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015

Winter landscape from Schellenberg - Austria&Switzerland

Enjoy my new Winter photos and Videos

The simplicity of winter has a deep moral. The return of Nature, after such a career of splendor and prodigality, to habits so simple and austere, is not lost either upon the head or the heart. It is the philosopher coming back from the banquet and the wine to a cup of water and a crust of bread.

~John Burroughs "The Snow-Walkers"

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Idyllic landscape with views of the Appenzeller Mountain, Hoher Kasten, 

Matschelser Ried, Rhine Valley, High Ball, First, Hoher Freschen

My new Video:

My earlier edited Video:

Am Schellenberg - Vorarlberg -Liechtenstein
Idyllische Landschaft mit Blick auf die Appenzeller-Berge, Hoher Kasten, 
Matschelser Ried, Rheintal, Hohe Kugel, First, Hoher Freschen

Photographies and Video work © by Gina Matt

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